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The school of Medicine at University of Crete was established with a goal to become a modern teaching center committed to excellence in the training and educcation of students physicians and biomedical scholars.

Since 1989, the School operates on its new campus, located about 7km from Heraklion representing one of the newest medical research complexes in Creece. The campus includes a spacious and functional 24.000 square metres ten-building complex and a modern, well-equipped 62.000 square metres University Hospital. Its Library includes more than 9.000 titles and 360 biomedical journals. At on-line system provides access to major international data bases.

The School is organized in ten Departments as showh below, each Departments headed by a Chairman elected annually. The executive administration of the School is performated by the Dean and the Deputy Dean, who are elected by the Faculty and representatives of the students, with a two-year tenure. The Administrative Council of the School, consists of the Dean, the Deputy Dean and the Chairmen of each Department and operates as a decisionmaking body, while the General Assembly of the School represents the supreme adminisrtative body.

Administration of the School is futher supported by the operation of Specific Committees, which have an advisory and preparatory role to the Dean and the Administrative Councila. The Committees of the School include:

The department of Medicine uses the ECTS (European Community Course Credit Transfer System) system


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