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homage to CRETE 1984-1994


A general view of the city of Candia. C.Buondelmonti, 1429. A map of the city of Candia. V.Coronelli, 1689.
Candia. A view from the port (photo by R.Behaeddin). Candia. A view of the inside of Pantocrator's Gate (photo by G.Gerola 1901-1902)
Candia. A view of the inside of Jesus's Gate (photo by G. Gerola) Candia. Morozini Fountain.
Rethymnon. A view of the city from the south. Arkadi. The Church of the Monastery.
Chania. The old docks (photo by G.Gerola) Chania. The port and the Bristol hotel.
Chania. A door frame (photo by G.Gerola 1902) Gortyna. The Nymphaion near the Praetorium (1912).
From the left, A.Evans, L.Savignoni, J.Hatzidakis, L.Mariani and F.Halbherr in Candia (Heraclion).