Elafonissos (Chania) CRETE

Elafonissos (Chania Prefecture)

In the south-west part of Crete (Prefecture of Chania) there lies one of the most beautiful beaches you could visit in Crete.

64 km from Chania, there is the village of Vathi. After Vathi the road becomes poor, running south until, a total of 73 km, it reaches the south coast at the Chrissoskalitissa Convent. The fortress-like convent is built high up on a steep cliff over a narrow bay, with a wonderful view south over the Libyan Sea. (At least remarkable sight)

Continuing about 5 km south west from the convent, we come to the beautiful islet of Elafonissi, which is joined to the body of Crete by a shallow reef some 800 meters long. This is easy to cross when the weather is calm. The land-scape is warm and the and welcoming, with brilliant white sand and the calm sea. There is no hint of the frightful waves which the south wind can whip up - some of the fiercest in the Mediterranean.

Nor is there any reminder of the catastrophe of 24 April 1824, when, on Easter Sunday, the troops of Ibrahim slaughtered 40 Greeks fighter and 600 women and children. Only a plaque on the summit of the island bears witness to their terrible end.


map of the area Draft map of the area
Chryssoskalitisa Convent A photo of Chryssoskalitisa Convent
Elafonissi beach photo A photo of Elafonissos beach
another Elafonissi beach photo Another photo of Elafonissos