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The Archaeological Museum of Chania is housed in the Venetian church of San Francesco. Its exhibits from western Crete and other areas date from the Neolithic to the Roman era, and include idols, statues, inscriptions, weapons, pottery, sealstones, coins, jewellery, etc. (Museum Tel. No.: 28210-20 334)

The Historical Archives of Crete include a rich collection of folklore and material related to the history of the island. The archives are among the largest in the country, second only to General Archives of the Greek State. Open daily 8:00-13:00, except weekends and public holidays. Tel. No: 28210-22 606.

The Naval Museum of Chania is located on the mole of the Venetian harbor. Includes exhibits linked with the island's history. The museum is open 10:00-14:00, every day except Monday. From October to end of May, is open also 16:00-18:00, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays and 17:00-19:00 during the other months. Tel. No.: 28210-26 437


The Archaeological Museum of Rethimnon is housed in the Venetian Loggia. Among the exhibits of the museum. there are interesting archaeological finds from the region, as well as a fine coin collection. Museum Tel. No.: 28310-29 975.


The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion is one of the most important museums in Greece. Here are assembled almost all the finds from the Minoan era. Pottery, stone carvings, sealstones, statuettes, gold, metalwork, the marvelous frescoes from the Royal and Little Palaces and villas of the wealthy, and finally, the unique painted limestone sarcophagus from the Agia Trias. Museum Tel. No.: 2810-22 60 92, or 22 46 30.

In the Historical Museum of Heraklion, exhibits from the Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish periods and historical documents of the more recent Cretan history are shown. Except these, a rich collection of folk art consisting of local costumes, textiles, wood carving and embroidery are exhibited here, as well as a representation of a tradition Cretan house. Museum Tel. No.: 2810-28 32 19.

Natural History Museum of Crete The Natural History Museum of Crete was established in the early '80's. It is part of the Faculty of Science. It consists of five Departments: Zoology, Botany, Geology-Palaeontology, Mineralogy and Anthropology. It is supervised by the Dean of the Faculty together with the Heads/Presidents of the Biological and Geological Departments. The Museum is directed by a Council which consists of the directors of its corresponding departements.



The Archaeological Museum of Agios Nicholaos contains a rich collection of finds from excavations in eastern Crete. Museum Tel. No.: 28410-24 943


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